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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2016-08-08 03:30:28
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Dogfight Vector Art

This is some work that I did over the weekend – It’s the second piece of SC vector work I’ve done so I’m still sorta feeling around/trying to develop an understanding of the context and build up a style. A couple of people liked it on the subreddit though and suggested I submit it here, so here goes.

I’d love any feedback/constructive criticism you can provide – hit me with it! Much easier for me to make changes now than get into bad habits!

All images are 2560×1440, so they should work as wallpapers for most monitors and phones. That said, if you’d like different sizes feel free to message me here or on reddit and I’ll see if I can help you out (djbrazzy in both places).

Last thing, I’ve had some issues submitting this content – third time I’m typing everything up… Is this common or am I doing something wrong?


The main piece - took about 25 hours in total, but pretty happy to have used my weekend on this :)

I love this ship, looks awesome. That said, I'm terrified of ever having the responsibility of owning one.

I'm not even sure where or what this station is, but it looks cool so it went in.

So much fun to work on this, the angles + tribal designs are kickass.

The first vector piece I did for SC. Thought I'd rather add it to the end of this post than annoy people by posting twice, so there you go!



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