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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Aegis Albatross Exploration Vessel

The Aegis Dynamics Spacebird ( or Alenia Aerospace ) Albatross Class Exploration vessel

(The Alenia is a future private Italian space company , stemmed directly from the old Alenia Thales focusing on developing private spacefaring vehicles this is the fictional company utilized for the Thrust competition , eventually it might even be a thing in SC …)

The Spacebird is a special type of vehicles firstly developed as a deep space explorer with the Albatross class , it features a Delta wing shape as it was thought for optimal flight on different atmospheres of alien worlds.
Its profile is also providing an extreme Stealth and low signal emission that allow long survey sessions while observing alien planet world surfaces.

Features :

official name : Albatross SSTO-TAV-IS-SBX01
Lenght : 73,466 m
wide : 67,202 m
Height : 16,774 m
Volume: 4.283,67 m^3
Function : deep Exploration and Transatmosferic veicular activity
Trasverse wingspan : 69 m
Height : 15,5 m
crew : 4-8
Maximum crew : 8
2 Eva pods
4 Main sublight and iperlight Thrusters
2 transatmospheric sublight engines
24 RCS vector thrusters
4 Vtol Retractable quantum suspension engines rotors for landing and suspension flight
8 escape pods ( 1 p. each )
6 fuel tanks located on inner wing parts withrelative separate access.
2 frontal intakes for collecting and refining Hydrogen fuel
1 hangar bay to hold a exploration rover , or refitted to host Cargo
Movable Wingtips for Better Glide control
1 Top Telescopic deep space planar sensor antemna
1 Bottom high penetration deep scansion Radar
1 Directional frontal Antemna
1 hyperfocal high resolution directional telescope
14 probe rear launcher

Original Thread and further details on WIP and otherHigh resolution images here:


Aegis Albatross Concept!

Aegis Albatross Concept landed!

Aegis Albatross Rescue operation with Eva pods!

Aegis Albatross landed in city!

Aegis Albatross Concept side view!

Aegis Albatross Concept untextured landed!

Aegis Albatross Concept untextured faraway view!



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