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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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300i Sand Ship

My cousin and I spent most of our week long family reunion on building a massive sand sculpture of the 300i Starship!


Finished Space ship

Other side of the finished ship

We spent over 3 days shoveling and packing sand. and then shoveling and packing more sand to form the base of the starship

Dryness was a constant battle. We had to use buckets of water with holes in them to keep the forming ship from blowing away.

Things starting to take shape. The wings were carved out from ground level. In this picture, the air intake is in the wrong spot, and got moved backwards later.

The second to last day we were scared of rain, so we took this picture incase it was not there in the morning when it was time to finish the wings.

For the wings, we knew that sand would never support such thin structures. Fortunately, there was some construction going on not far from our location, and they let us take tons of cardboard. Some duct-tape and paint sticks (for strength) from the local hardware store, and we got to work.

Putting the last piece of duct-tape on the wings. The rain gave it a very nice texture.

Once the wings were together, we began 'painting' the wings with sand, using spray glue to keep it coated. It didnt work so well on the undersides.

A close up of the wings, so you can see how they were constructed.

Dogo for scale. My phone was MVP for allowing access to the RSI website and sketchfab for reference pictures.

Signing our names.

Final pose for the camera. Done before lunch-time. On the 6th day.

Another pose from another angle, and slightly earlier time.

Side view.

Back view. engine bell kinda melted by this point alas.

Vroom Vroom! Did I mention how big this thing was?

Dogo epicly looking into the future.

By late-afternoon, the wings had taken some battle damage. We are not sure how much was caused by rain, and how much was caused by the little people clearly stepping on the 'no step' sign.

Mostly survived till nightfall. Mostly. All in all, a fantastic and well spent week. We took the cardboard off the beach after this picture. No littering was done in the making of this space ship.



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