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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2016-10-03 15:39:59
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Freelancers - A SC Inspired Card Game

Hey Guys! If you don’t already know me, I’ve been working on some card-and-board games inspired by SC ( ) as fan projects for a while. Earlier this year, I designed a game for a Board Game Geek 9-card competition that was decided not SC themed. After getting lots of feedback, overhauling the game, and adding new mechanics, I decided the new mechanics better supported a Star Citizen theme and, thus, a new game was born. : D

Freelancers is a short, 9-Card nanogame inspired by Star Citizen. Two to four players take on the role of up and coming Jobwell recruiting agents trying to find the best pilots for upcoming missions in deep space. Each of the players attempt to recruit the best pilots to meet the requirements of the next mission or attempt to change the nature of the mission itself. This game also features the awesome character art of Joesph ‘ @AngryPeas ‘ Castigalia.

And, as with all my SC-inspired games ….. IT’S FREE!!

You can download a print-and-play by grabbing the instructions here:

More PnP options can be found here:

Note, you’ll need to print 2 sets of the 9 cards if you want to play with 3 or 4 players. You’ll need to provide your own dice and counters :)
See the rules for all the components needed. If you try the game out, PLEASE help us out and let me know any constructive feedback you have. Even if you hate the game, I’d love to know ‘why’ you hate it. Tell us in this post or in the Fan Art thread :

If you don’t have a printer, are just lazy, or would like to support the future efforts or Angry Peas and myself, you can print the game online. I have made a couple of online print options availabele here: Since it is a small game (9-18 cards), it is pretty cheap to get some high quality cards shipped to you.

Don’t like reading rules? Here’s a video showing the gameplay:



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