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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-01-08 20:29:45
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My Star Citizen/Squadron 42 - Military Tour Jacket

Photo 1 – Front:
Distressed Khaki Leather made to my measurements by a guy in Pakistan through eBay.

Photo 2 – Upper Chest Close-Up

Photo 3 – Right Sleeve:
The second patch down is actually from a previous TV show called Space: Above & Beyond that I enjoyed so I included their patch since it blends right in with its reference to Squadron 42 – Soarin’ Hornets.

Photo 4 – Back of Jacket

Photo 5 – Left Sleeve

Photo 6 – Epaulets:
US Air Force Missileman Badge – It’s what I chose for the time being. I might try to recreate my Intergalactic Airlines “IGAIR” Org Rank to slip over the Epaulets.

Photo 7 – Collar:
WWII Air Transport Command emblems so modern looking that I repurposed them for Transport Lapel Pins for Intergalactic Transport Dept.

Photo 8 – Left Breast Pocket Flap:
US Air Force – Master – Space & Missile Command Flight Wings – Wish I could have a set of my organization’s red Intergalactic Airlines wings to go in this spot or on the right breast pocket flap.



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