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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-01-31 05:29:13
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Operation Pitchfork flight jackets

My two concept flight jackets for Operation Pitchfork with maps of the "Area of Operations" like our current AF & Navy pilots now as well as Patches of ships served on (Hornet F7A & Constellation ). All of the patchwork & maps were done by my Wife from info gathered via forums & Dev’s feedback. Hope you enjoy them.


OPPF Flight jacket - Tiber System, left name patch with rank

OPPF Flight jacket- Tiber System, Connie patch with Ship name "UEE AUDACIOUS"

OPPF Flight jacket - Tiber System, Tiber map back, & OPPF patch insignia "homemade" left arm & Hornet patch right arm.

OPPF Flight jacket - Orion System, back

OPPF Flight jackets Tiber & Orion System



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