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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Star citizen Custom control box

Have you ever had the thought: I really could use a few extra buttons to play this.

I certainly have! So I made myself a control panel for star citizen.

First some specs:
Number of buttons: 59
Number of joysticks: 2
Board used to hook up the buttons and joysticks: Martzis USB HID Interface (MUHI)
3D printed outer shell
Cnc cut aluminium plate with laminated text glued on

How i made this:
I began by making a list of all the functions I wanted to have. I then made a first concept in paint where all the buttons could go.
I then designed a few versions in sketchup in 3D.
Then i created the 2D file for the cnc machine to cut the aluminium
When i had design version 14.4 or so I began searching for the parts.
I ordered all the items from aliexpress.

After finishing the concept model i designed a few parts as a case for the board.
I then 3d printed the parts.

After getting all the materials i put it all together and soldered it up!

Now it came to testing, and it worked!

A video of the control board in action


The aluminium plate with the text

with some buttons

soldering a commen ground

custom pcb for the joysticks

mounting the pcb

the board mount

now it is time for the rest of the wire mess


The finished product



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