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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2017-02-03 21:31:27
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Action glas(ses) for IOS device

Greetings Citizen
This is a collection Actionpad’s wich I designed specially for Star Citizen with the idea to extend your Mobiglas, From here you can control almost everything in Star Citizen, flight, walking, E.V.A., driving and chatting.
This is a fairly new app/software where you can control your Win/Mac computer from your IOS device (compatible with Ipad, Ipod and Iphone with IOS 9.0 or higher).

How does it work:
Download and install the actionpad server on your Win/Mac computer from this site:
On this site you can also find out how to setup and connect the server software.
Download the next app (actionpad) on your IOS device:
/!\ Important/!\ Make sure you run the server in admin mode, otherwise it won’t work with your Star Citizen client !

Once done and connected you can download (with the app) the next Star Citizen Panels in the community hub from the app:
SC Flightglas v2.6.1
SC Walkglas v2.6.1
SC E.V.A.glas v2.6.1
SC Driveglas v2.6.1
SC Chatglas v2.6.1
SC Systemglas v2.6.1

All panels work in Star Citizen 2.6 alfa, However due to how the server software is setup you will have to change some key bindings ingame:
(If you get a popup telling you the key is already bound to another function just press yes. It won’t interfear with other functions).

Under Flight – Defensive:
Shield raise level top, change NP7 to F3
Shield raise level bottom, change NP9 to F5
Shield raise level left, change NP4 to F6
Shield raise level right, change NP6 to F7
Shield raise level front, change NP8 to F8
Shield raise level back, change NP2 to F9
Reset shield levels, change NP5 to F10

Under Flight – Cockpit:
Eject, change right ALT+L to left ALT+L
Self Destruct, change right ALT+Backspace to left ALT+Backspace
Decrease cooler rate, change left ALT+NP7 to – (minus)
Increase cooler rate, change left ALT+NP8 to = (equal)

Under Flight – Targeting:
Gimbal lock, change right ALT+J to left ALT+J
Rectile mode, change right ALT+K to left ALT+K

Under Flight – Turrets:
Gimbal lock, change right ALT+J to left ALT+J

Under Flight – Movement:
E.S.P. Toggle, change right ALT+O to left ALT+O

Under Flight – Arena Commander:
Force Respawn, change right ALT+Backspace tot left ALT+Backspace

Under Flight – Power:
Decrease power, change left ALT+NP4 to 8
Increase power, change left ALT+NP5 to 9
Power MIN, change left ALT+NP4 to 8
Power MAX, change left ALT+NP5 to 9

Under Social – General:
2D UI Cursor Toggle, change right ALT+/ to left ALT+/

Under Social – Emotes:
Foreward, change NP5 to F3
Left, change NP1 to F5
Right, change NP3 to F6
Stop, change NP2 to F7
Yes, change NP4 to F8
No, change NP6 to F9
Agree, change to 5
Angry, change to 6
At Ease, change to 7
Attention, change to 8
Blah, change to 9
Bored, change to 0
Bow, change to Y
Burb, change to U
Cheer, change to I
Chicken, change to O
Clap, change to P
Come, change to H
Cry, change to J
Dance, change to K
Disagree, change to L
Failure, change to N
Flex, change to M
Flirt, change to ALT 5
Gasp , change to ALT 6
Gloat, change to ALT 7
Greet, change to ALT 8
Laugh, change to ALT 9
Point, change to ALT 0
Rude, change to ALT Y
Salute, change to ALT U
Sit, change to ALT I
Sleep, change to ALT O
Smell, change to ALT P
Taunt, change to ALT H
Threaten, change to ALT J
Wait, change to ALT K
Wave, change to ALT L
Whistle, change to ALT N

I will keep the action pad’s up to date with each Star Citizen upgrade if necessary, so make sure you always have the latest action pads versions as described (the version is displayes on the panels). If you find any bugs and/or have some suggestions then please place them in this thread:

Known bugs:
The self destruct button in the walk- and E.V.A.glas doesn’t work

cheers Giand

PS: I am not the owner of the Actionpad software, just a amateur who spend some time in making the pad’s for all to use.


SC Flightglas v2.6.1

SC Walkglas v2.6.1

SC E.V.A.glas v2.6.1

SC Chatglas v2.6.1

SC Driveglas v2.6.1

SC Systemglas v2.6.1



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