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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Ready to Emote

I just thought I’d share this, as I figured most people have a spare keyboard lying around somewhere…

Inspired by those making custom button boxes and switching panels, I decided to try and do something similar in order to make it much easier to emote in 3rd person whilst recording videos etc.

After wasting hours trying to sort out a suitable software solution using AutoHotKey and LuaMacros (with which I had fair, but unsatisfactory results), I got out some PVA glue and printer paper and stuck some labelled tabs to the previously unassigned keys on my second full keyboard that I have now bound to all of the current emotes.

Suggested alternatives are reminder sheets, whiteboards, secondary screens with the commands shown illustrations…but for a five-minute cheap fix, it works rather well. I look forward to effortlessly pointing and laughing at you all…and threatening, flexing, whistling, clapping…



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