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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2017-02-19 00:13:05
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Anvil F8 Lightning Laser Cut Model

Took a short break from making models but am finally getting back into the swing of it. 1/64 scale Anvil F8 Lightning!

Made mostly from laser cut wood and a small helping of 3D printed parts. Roughly 30 hours of work into this including template preps, modelling, construction and build. Big thanks for @DirectorGunner for helping me out with some model optimizations!

The model can now join my ‘Shelf of Star Citizen Ships’ as I continue my quest to make a model of every ship in the game!

As with all of my previous models, the files to build your own are free and open to distribute! Follow the link below to find the PDF’s for laser cutting your favorite 1/8" material and the STL’s for 3D printing.



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