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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2017-02-21 08:16:54
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StarCitizen - Custom Switchboard.

My custom switchboard in 2.6.1.

All keys are configurable to do whatever i wish, the blue buttons on the right hand side are Shift keys, meaning once they are pressed (latch switch) and i can make all the other buttons do something else, almost like a profile switch!

The Red switches are Latch switches, If i press them, they latch and stay on (so it keeps adjusting the shields), press them again to turn off.
the green button is a momentary switch that resets shields!

Self-destruct turns a relay on and off making the LEDS on the switchboard flash on and off while activating the self-destruct in game.
Auto-landing is a combination of keyboard presses and holds which emulates all the key binds.

Made using an Arduino Leonardo!



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