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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Homemade Cockpit from Dr.Oversteer

Hey guy’s! I want to show you the prototype of my selfmade Cockpit I built the last 2 weekends.
I didn’t want a dedicated Fightercockpit because in the future I will flight all kind of ships and I don’t want to climb in and out.
So I made a mix of a Cockpit and a Captain’s chair where I can easily sit down and play..

As input devices I use a X-56 HOTAS, Madcatz FLY1 as second stick, Logitech G27 Pedals for Roll and hopefully one day for the URSA :D.
I also use the Thrustmaster MFD frames in combination with 2× 7" Tablets (with Roccat Powergrid : for Power/Shieldmanagment and other stuff)
When you look at the stick from the X-56 you can see the signature from Brian Chambers I got on the german Citcon Event. ;)
Brian if you read this: Thanks a lot man and congratulation for your win in Quantumquestion ;) .
Of course I use also Voice Attack.
I also made it possible to fly/race with other games.

In the next step I will add the flight panels and instruments from Saitek. (Multipanel/Switchpanel,…)
And then it will be covert with carbon foil and get some more details. (Lights/Switches,…)
I also will make a frame with aluminiumprofiles where the steeringwheel and the monitors get their place and connecting with the chair.

So I will keep you guy’s up to date and I hope you like it so far.
If you wan’t to see it in action, I also stream on twitch. ( ) (german)

So that’s it for now. I hope my grammar was not to bad :D.
Nice greetings from Austria and of course fly save. ;) o7



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