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Poster Campaign New Org

With the introduction of Spectrum a large group of active members broke away from a large but very inactive organization. No drama, just a matter of different opinions with their founder. In a very short period of time we had to re-organize ourselves because we wanted to keep the team together.

Posting in the recruiting thread must have something interesting. Our formula is a breakfast posted in the euro-morning (Omusuls Breakfast Enterprise for the best breakfast in the Verse), an OBE Co-operation poster in the euro-afternoon and usually a repost or a pub in the evening (Pub is open). We repeat this, day in, day out.

I’m not a real artist. I botch stuff together and try to deliver a consistent array of posters breathing our new organization. I do not pretent I’m airbrushing spaceships or galaxies al day long. I’m just happy to use whatever I can find to make a nice poster.

Therefore I want to share my first posters with the community. I hope you do not mind.


Someone asked me for a mining ship

Our temporary logo was yellow. so I started with yellow galaxies

Need to touch-up this one (some yellow left)

Inspired by Gauna, a great artist who used to make artwork inspired by SC

Omusuls Diner is one of the pieces I like to work into a poster

Freighter request

Doodle I could not resist

Not the best ... have to find a better StarFarer



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