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Star Citizen Camera & Director Mode Tutorial

This is an in-depth look at the Star Citizen in-game camera system and Director Mode that debuted in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.0. I’ve spent almost three months learning the ins and outs of the new camera system with the help of some fellow Star Citizen camera junkies and wanted to create a detailed but easy to follow camera tutorial.

Please use the timestamp outline below to jump ahead or rewatch specific sections.

0:10 – Intro
2:36 – CHARACTER State: Chase Cam
3:17 – CHARACTER State: Orbit Cam (Director Mode)
— 5:35 – Director Mode: Offset
— 7:11 – Director Mode: Field of View (FOV)
— 8:17 – Director Mode: Depth of Field (DOF)
— 10:53 – Director Mode: Mouse Zoom
— 12:03 – Director Mode: Free Look
— 12:47 – Director Mode: Save and Load Views
— 13:29 – Director Mode: Reset View to Default
14:53 – VEHICLE STATE: Chase Cam
15:36 – VEHICLE STATE: Orbit Cam – Vehicle
15:55 – VEHICLE STATE: Orbit Cam – Passenger
21:39 – Issues
22:42 – Conclusion

Take a loo at a Star Citizen Camera and Director Mode guide or cheat-sheet I created:

And a BIG thanks to my fellow crackpot camera junkies for helping me out. People like Rellim, Monk, and the DamnShames group along with myself have been sharing anything and everything we learn about the Star Citizen camera system with each other.

Monk’s YouTube Channel:

Rellim’s screenshots on Flickr:

The Dame Shames’ YouTube Channel:

This camera system and Director Mode guide is based on the current live version: Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1. As always, since Star Citizen is still in an alpha state and in active development, the information in this video might be incorrect with future versions of the game.



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Game play footage from Star Citizen ©2017 Cloud Imperium Games and used with permission. For info, see:


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