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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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3D Printed Org. Logo

I managed to 3D print the logo for my SC org. Void Spectre Phantom Xploit. It came out pretty well and I was impressed by how accurate the print was. I used the Flashforge Dreamer to print this with ABS filament.


The print came out a lot better than expected. I originally printed it to test my printer's limit in detail but it came out good enough that I thought I should show it off ;)

It looks great with a light behind it. Brings out every detail and even the hexagon infill that gives it a little more of an alien/SciFi feel.

This is our syndicate's 2D logo. I had to make it black and white so that I could transfer it into a 3D model.

When I put it through the black and white filter I was actually impressed by the outcome and decided to keep the image for the future.



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