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Star Citizen News | Ships, Weapons & Updates

Welcome to Some more Star Citizen News, this time for the week ending the 19th March. We take the official star citizen infos from the week, make it into a Roast Dinner of news & then slice & serve it with our homemade yorkshire puddings & gravy.
Most of the Images in the background were from the Latest AtV UK Focus, where at the end they shared some of the visuals of the ships they were working on specifically the Reclaimer, Javelin, Razor & Hull C.
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Star Citizen is an MMO Space Sim that covers combat, economy and pretty much anything else you would want. It’s First Person and built in the StarEngine (a modified CryEngine) You’ll see massive Space Ships that you can fly with friends, land on planets, explore or pirate your way to whatever goal you choose. Squadron 42 is the Single Player Campaign and the Spiritual Successor of Wing Commander. The Idea is the game is maximum pretty and seamless… NO LOADING SCREENS. It’s currently in the Alpha of it’s open develpoment with the hope that SQ42 will be released Q2-3 2017. See The latest Planned Dates here –

The was Recorded During – Star Citizen Patch | 2.6.1 LIVE
*Full Disclosure: I am a Star Citizen Fan BUT am not paid or contracted by CIG in anyway other than I am an Evocati Member and as such am under a NDA during closed tests. I am Part of Redacted a community of Star Citizen Content Creators & Fans, check us out here –



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