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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-03-22 10:24:51
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The Creature from Outer Yela!

I ran into a bizarre glitch while trying to land on an Asteroid. The more the glitch advanced the more it felt like a horror movie. So I added some background music and edited it into my first (and likely only) Star Citizen short film.

Alone in the void. Stranded without hope. Nothing can prepare you for… The CREATURE!

EDIT: For those interested, here’s the full length 15 min footage that includes this clip and what happens afterwards. Hint… it’s much less dramatic. :)

Star Citizen Gameplay: Asteroid Collisions and Clipping

Here’s some timestamps if you want to jump right to the action:
3:45mins – Landing on the Asteroid and start of "The Creature" Video Clip
8:00mins – The aftermath (Asteroid poops out a Cat)
9:45mins – Boarding the ship and walking into "The Blob"



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