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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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A Star Citizen Movie Series Quantum Paradox Episode 1

A Star Citizen Movie Series – Quantum Paradox Episode One: filmed entirely on location within the Star Citizen universe (100% 2.6.1 in game footage). Brought to you by Solo Union and Toolkit Productions throughout 2017 and beyond.

Solo Union, a Community, a Corporation: Individuals Together

Star Citizen:
Solo Union Star Citizen Corporation:
Solo Union / Toolkit Productions YouTube:
Utho Riley:
Pedro Camacho:
HCS Voice Pack used in the production – ALIX:
Sonic Media Design:
Voice Actor Jackmagic:
Voice Actor Gyorgysva:
Casting Call Club (Voice Actors):

If you are a potential backer of the game, please use one of the referral codes listed below:



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