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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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"Tessa" - A Star Citizen Music Video

"TESSA" is the first production of Mustang Intergalactic, a YouTube channel highlighting J Matt Wallace, Jake Wallace, and Brian B Barrett’s desire to create music and music videos based on community interaction and lore surrounding Star Citizen. Whether we bring to life completely new, fan-driven ideas, or produce even more new media that is inspired by the official "Loremakers," we are excited to share our musical ideas with the fantastic community already thriving through Star Citizen.

"TESSA" is the first song we’ve produced. Inspired by one of the first of the few voice-acted personalities in the current PU, "Tessa" sings the song of a Gladius pilot who is enthralled with the Junior Cartographer… or at least her voice. It is all sung through a black box: his last transmission.

We hope you enjoy it.



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