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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Astora Wide News - Magazine

The second edition of our lore based magazine. A bi-monthly read on all development regarding Astora Protocol and their rise. Intersected with informational reads on ships, dangerous engagements, interviews with well known Astorians and maybe some saucy gossip. U can read it online here, . U can view our first edition here: .


AWN cover

AWN page 2, UEE dismissing Vanduul sightings and the introduction of The Black Talons into UAF.

AWN page 3, Pirates acting as innocent victims? Surely not!!

AWN page 4, The Buccaneer, a menace to some, godsend to others.

AWN page 5, Captain Aaron Weston, Astora initiative interview.

AWN page 6, the conclusion of the interview and a short on the UAF and UAA.

AWN page 7, rumours on the Banu Defender? And what does Tessa Bannister have to do with that?

AWN page 8, Backcover

The cover made into a widescreen format so u can set it as a screensaver.



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