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Submitted 2017-04-20 11:08:32
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[Fan Music] - Drake Interplanetary's Theme - [Orchestral]

Quote of the week

“Yar! Cough! Err… We’re a legitimate company you see? Capiche?! HAR! Cough! Sorry, nervous tic” ~Jan Dredge, Drake CEO – Borea (Magnus II)


Avast ye! Landlubbers! ;D

Jan Dredge, CEO of Drake Interplanetary (AKA: Jolly Roger Old salt Man-O-War), has had a rough sailing the last couple of days…
That is why i wanted to help cheer the ol’ seadog up with this week’s fan music spotlight!

Here’s my take on what Drake’s Main Theme could sound like, as you’ll hear it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Piracy whatsoever. (*Citation Needed, read fine print)
Anybody who sais otherwise will have to feed the fish, and blimey it might turn out shark bait!

So heave ho my fellow Citizens!
And don’t forget to hornswaggle otherwise you might find yourselves with a handful of holystone, or worse! Given the black spot and left to hempen halter!
But we ain’t sons of biscuit eaters, are we? Yar har! ;)



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