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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Dragonflying Release Gameplay Trailer

Dragonflying is a fan game playing in the Star Citizen universe. It is a top-down shooter in which you will explore the arid desert planet of Yar in the Centauri system.

Download the game here:
The game is 100% free.

Top-down arcade shooting on a vehicle
Different weapons and items
Loot and upgrade your Dragonfly and its weapons
Different enemies and boss fights
Story with various missions and puzzles
Side activities: Racing, hacking, exploring
Full soundtrack
Secret items and easter eggs

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Input: Mouse and Keyboard (or some kind of input that mimics that). No controller support.

We hope you will enjoy this game! Any feedback is welcome!

Saiodin (Saiodin, Lead, Design, Graphics, Programming) Utho (uthoriley, Music, QA)
Andres (@Arvangath, Sound Effects, QA)
Thanks a lot to CIG for greenlighting this project!

This product is a Star Citizen fan work, created in 3 1/2 months, playing in the Star Citizen universe. It is in no way assiociated with CIG or RSI. No assets of the original game have been used. Designs used with permission of RSI.



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