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Submitted 2017-04-30 18:59:01
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GSS ARTEX replica

Hi all,
Those lucky enough to make it down to #BritizenCon 2017 will hopefully recognise this project as I was able to get it finished enough to take it down to show it off. It is a replica of the ARTEX GSS suit dispenser as seen near the Port Olisar airlocks. It was a fun little side project I put together to keep myself amused after a very very boring year of building things that didn’t interest me lol.

It is now back up the road in Scotland having some final tweaks carried out in my workshop ready for heading back down to Manchester to take up its new home until BritizenCon 2018 at the Foundry 42 office. Big thanks to Cameron Wilkie for offering it its new temporary home with the UK CIG team.

Below are some of the build photos of the project, hopefully they will give other builders out there some good ideas for their own Star Citizen replicas.



Sc screenshot

Finished model. drawn from scratch to allow for practical manufacture while keeping all detail accurate to in-game model

Render of finished project

Model re-worked for practical transport and construction at venues

Parts broken out into, 24, 18 & 12mm birch ply as well as 5mm polycarbonate

Components were exported to V-carve for toolpath generation

Components were exported to V-carve for toolpath generation

Screen to be displayed on unit edited out from in-game screenshot

Logos to be vinyl printed

Some text in game was too small to read, so i had to make stuff up lol


Bumper Sticker for the side of the unit, that GrayHeadedGamer gets everywhere!!

First parts milling

Finishing pass

First finished part

Milling main face plate

More parts completed

First dry/fixed fix with ship's cat for scale

First dry/fixed fix

Filling and sanding in many passes to reduce ply cores showing through (for those screaming MR MDF, i know, i know, but it doesn't tour well as it swells over time in storage)

More filling and sanding down in the garage

Final details finished off in the Glasgow workshop

Finally in the paintshop :)

AC2 Primer/filler coats

first AC2 topcoat

Masking the doors for the chevrons

chevrons done, a bit light, but we'll go with a "fresh off the production line look"

Fresh of the GREYCAT industries production line

Fresh of the GREYCAT industries production line

Ready to go back home for more work

Oh god this vinyl was a ball ache

All vinyls on,

Including the GHG bumper sticker, may move this, not sure

And there was light, Sadly the LED i re-purposed are 24v, not 12v so my RGB controller won't work :( have hardwired them greeny yellow and blue for now.

Artex GSS project at BritizenCon 2017

Back in Scotland after BritizenCon. Hard to see in this pic but this is now the yellow i needed now i have the new RGB LED controllers

Yay, the cupboard now has opening doors and shelves which i guess finally makes it an actual cupboard lol. ready for some paint.



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