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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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LEGO Banu Defender

Greetings fellow citizens,

Here you go, this is the LEGO model of the 2947 Banu Defender. It’s the optimal ship to defend your LEGO Merchantman from enemy attacks.
The LEGO Defender is made out of 1586 bricks and is made to fit LEGO mini figures. The arms are retractable and the ramp can be lowered.

If you want to check out the old Merchantman from the pictures it can be found here:

If you like it, don’t forget to share it with all your Star Citizen friends. I would appreciate it :D

Kind regards PELCKI


2 Defenders accompanying a Merchantman

Merchantman and convoy

Merchantman and convoy back

2 states, landed and in flight

2 states from the back


Front view in flight

side view in flight

top view in flight

rear view in flight

Inside cockpit

Inside bed and engineering



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