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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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Pepsons Gallery

Hello, i am Pepson, member of the Kharon Strigx and a player of Star Citizen since September 2014.

I loved taking screens of SC but unfortunately my config wasn’t very good at this time so i had a bad resolution and there was no "free camera" at the time; so I made a pause until 5 month ago when i upgraded my pc and monitor so i started taking screens with the new camera system In 4K; I Shared them with my Org and they said i should post them on citizen spotlight and spectrum ( so here i am.  


I always loved the destroyed part of Grimhex everything upside down and back to front, drifting in this area

Well a bit of animation at the bar is something that'll aways bring a bit of life in this game.

Seems like a good place to drink and befriend some Thieves

I always found in this screen i made a bit of "Dead Space" Vibe

A bit of heat in this cold world

A bit of rest never killed anybody

Getting in GrimHex

I love the way GrimHex is built vertically.

And it's colorfull Neon lightning

When you finally respawned after a jerk rammed you and made you into a pirate, time for revenge !

A Screen i made for my Org, i like the way the pilote and co pilot are in Pilot suit and the 3 soldiers in medium and light armor.

The kind of area i would not like to go through alone

Everytime i'm here and i hear the voice message from the party i always feel Sad for them, i guess it means CIG made an excellent job on this mission

This area of covalex looks like it could be the perfect hideout for a Xenomorph

Scavengers will have quite a great view in some situation

3 peoples one wreck, weapons drawn fingers on the trigger

It feels great to fly back to crusader to end a session with your pal and some random citizen you met, especially against huge wave of pirate from ICC mission

And some wonder why UEE pilot tend to get scared against Scythe and Glaive...

I dunno why the departure Area of GrimHex always feels so beautiful to me but i don't care i love this station.

The mix of Xi An and Human technology prove one thing, it ned 2 species working hand in hand to make a giant Steel Sausages fly.

I Had the blurry effect during my jump and i thought it looked great so i managed to take a screen before the end of the jump

I always wondered how the hell did vanduul got through so many jump point into human territory, and how scary it must have been for those who died by their blade...

"At my marks everyone Jumps !"

"When the rescue has arrived, it was to late, all that was left was some damaged cargo and floating corpses"

A bit of Space workout

My first screen in 4K and the favorite of any of my friends. I still have it as my Wallpaper

GReen IMperial HEX

Waiting for a job



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