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Submitted 2017-05-29 00:39:35
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3 Merlins in a Starferer on ICC Duty.

3 Merlins in a Starfarer on ICC Duty.

It wasnt easy but we managed to get 3 Merlins in the SF on the first try!
Merlin’s disappear entering SF until it is parked and pilot exits Merlin. With 5 peeps and 3 Merlins we had serious lag. We were unable to pilot the SF after WVP crashed. Ship was not only heavily damaged because someone attacked us but was not responding after WVP who spawned it had crashed to desktop. However we got 3 Merlins in and did the first ICC mission. So i consider this a success!
And we had a lot of fun doing it. Enjoy the 1440p footage.

This was done during OBEC Gamenight. Thanks for having me.

Starferer Merlin 2017 05 26 21 54 21

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