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Submitted 4 years ago
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Stargazer - a complete Astronomical Encyclopedia of Star Citizen Starmap

The Star Citizen Stargazer, project name Astronomical Encyclopedia, is finally here!
After a few thousands lines of codes and a few hundred hours of work I managed to publish its first version. Is the address of the Web and Desktop complete encyclopedia. Over 2000 pages with all the images, videos and lore we could find.

Full release notes:

Stargazer is made out of 5 modules, all having the same purpose (present the SC universe from an astronomical perspective), but a different approach: Encyclopedia pages, Explorer diagrams, Finder spreadsheets, Universe statistics and Astronomical tags.

Music: Caden L Welborn
Sounds: NASA

The app has a desktop version too – Windows, Linux, Mac.
Dev blog and contributions
Dev updates
Discord chat

I collected the data from various sources:

  • Original Star Citizen kickstarter campaign
  • CIG Starmap web app
  • CIG System Unlock, galactic guide and guide to the galaxy.
  • STYLYoungblood Exploring the Starmap! Playlist
  • Other videos and screenshots from yela and Stanton made by various players.
  • /r/StarCitizen wikipedia

The app in a few numbers: 200+hours of work, 6000+ lines of code, 1000+ pages, 122 tags/categories for celestial objects, 3000+ charts, 91 solar systems, 2000+ images, 200+ lore entries.

Help me continue my work and keep the app ads-free, support us on patreon!



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