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My Photos Of The Verse

Hey everyone i do photography as a hobby in real life and have decided to bring it into the gaming world. I have tried to do this in many games before but nothing has ever brought this much detail and such a beautiful environment.

So here is only a few of the photos i have taken so far but will add more :) hope you like and enjoy.


Title: Unknown i really like this image but couldn't think of a name so i saved it on my computer as unknown but then actually started to like the name for it as no one actually knows what happened here.

Title: Last Survivor I came to taking this image as wanted to put the feeling across that this is the only member of the crew that survived floating around the wreckage for some kind of hope.

Not sure on a title on this one but when i was taking this shot i got out of my ship and started to drift forward, What i didn't realise was how far i drifted away from it.

Title: Beautiful But Deadly This is such a lovely image but was taken from GrimHex :)



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