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Roberts Space Industries
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The Star Citizen Super Cut Trailer

This is a super cut version of most of the Star Citizen trailers so far. If you like this content please consider liking the video and subscribing to my channel as I aim to make stuff on a semi-regular basis.


Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Chris Roberts’ company Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), and its European counterpart Foundry 42 and marketed under the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiary Roberts Space Industries (RSI). The games are built on Amazon Lumberyard (previously CryEngine).
Star Citizen is an upcoming massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox space simulation game for the PC. Star Citizen aims to combine multiple video game genres, including space, trading, flight combat simulation and first-person shooter into a single amazing experience.


The game is currently in Alpha which means that the technology and designs that bring the game to life are still in development (and sometimes buggy). If you’re interested in joining the Alpha, see the links below!


Arena Commander is the second playable alpha component of Star Citizen. It is an in-fiction space combat simulator allowing players to playtest ship combat against other players or AI opponents. According to the developers, it features a highly detailed ship flight model, simulating space flight using the mass of the ship and location and force of the thrusters. Other claimed features include realistic application of g-force on the pilot and a high level of visual fidelity. Racing and cooperative game modes were added in an update.


Star Marine is the first-person shooter element of Star Citizen; like Arena Commander, Star Marine is an in-fiction combat simulator. There are two ways to play Star Marine: one game mode is a ‘capture-and-hold’ game (‘Last Stand’), where two opposing teams (the Marines and the Outlaws) each attempt to capture one or more ‘control points’ to gain points; as a team captures more control points, they gain points at a steadily increasing rate. ‘Elimination’ is a free-for-all ‘last man standing’ match; unlike the team-based ‘Last Stand’, players work individually to gain the highest kill-count before the match ends. Both game variants last for ten minutes or (in the case of ‘Last Stand’) until one team accrues the higher score. The first-person shooter mechanics are claimed to be relatively realistic, with armour levels, weapon stances and stamina effects manifesting as heavy breathing.

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