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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-06-19 21:32:58
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Port Olisar Pixel-art

So i was watching these videos about how to create pixel-art, and i was struck by a sense of nostalgia. It reminded me of the old computer game days, so i though it would be fun to create something pixely. I am not very artistically gifted in any way, but copying things comes a bit easier.

So i needed a small project i could start with to see if could recreate something and what would be more suiting than a Big Bennys vending machine? So the first thing i have ever created as pixel-art is the Big Bennys you see as the first picture.

After that i thought: "hmmmm, it needs somewhere to live". So i logged into the game went to Port Olisar and took a screenshot, the 2nd picture. I used about a week worth of evenings to create the pixel-art Port Olisar. The "inside" is all made by hand, the rings of Port Olisar is a combination of Photoshop circles and adding details by hand, and the planet is mostly made by drawing in Photoshop and using layers and opacity.

Lastly i created a GIF animation with ships i borrowed from an old forum post by Eldragon (, so big shout out to him. There are also 3 wallpapers. The smallest one is the original size and then there is a HD and a 4K size as well.

Hope you like it :)



Big bennys vending machine 76x126 pixels, the first thing i have ever created in pixel-art.

The screen capture i made in game and later recreated as a pixel-art Port Olisar

The GIF animation using ships created by Eldragon. Here the Big Bennys vending machine also received another dimension.

Original size image. 384x216 pixels

HD wallpaper.

4K wallpaper



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