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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-06-25 11:42:04
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3D Printed Manta

This is a work in progress 3D print of my X-2 Manta Star Citizen custom mod. I was contacted earlier this year by a French aerospace engineering student – Paul Aristidou who loves the ship and over the last few months he and his fellow student, Baptiste Vinot have rebuilt it in Catia and printed it as their final college CAD project. I’m honoured that they chose to devote so much time and effort to my ship and have been on the edge of my seat following their progress. So even though there’s still some work to do, I thought I’d share the WIP at this first major milestone of the project. Next they plan to chemically smooth over the print lines, install lights, print out a stand and have it professionally painted. I’ll keep updating it on my X-2 Manta thread in Spectrum which is at the following link. Please drop by and vote if you like this ultra fast and stealthy Xi’An hybrid starship.



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