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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 4 years ago
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The Ballad of Logante and Kinshadow

Video link below!


Just sit yourselves down and I’ll spin you a tale
Of brothers in arms in a war
They fought foes together as the very best of friends
And each the other’d die for.

Logante: a wiry man with mystique
Kinshadow: broad-shouldered and jaunty
They’d merc’lessly tease, pick, and rip on each other
And their friendship ‘ere long became salty

Logante… Kinshadow….
Their jesting had turned into rage!
Kinshadow… Logante…
Two grown men who would ne’er act their age.

On the good ship Paul Steed the old friends served aboard
As pilots in Squad 42
When not flying missions, their jokes turned to pranks
That began to endanger the crew.

The Captain, a hero with steel in her veins
Gave a warning they’d never forget
“You cease and desist this all this bullshit at once
Or you’ll muster out swabbing my deck!”

Logante… Kinshadow….
Those pranks of yours got way too big
Kinshadow… Logante…
Keep it up and be thrown in the brig

Discharged from the service, Kinshadow wants vengeance
His tenaciousness could be admired
He seeks satisfaction from his squadmate who gave him
A coupon that had long expired.

No one knows just how long they can keep all this up
Their battle just seems to rage on
And now this old story’s been shared and it’s spread
Through the UEE and far beyond

Logante… Kinshadow….
The bitterest feud in the ‘verse!
Kinshadow… Logante…
Every day their hatred grows worse!

Star Citizen is the property of Cloud Imperium Games. This music video is a fan-art project.



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