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Submitted 2017-07-07 20:24:07
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Retribution Trailer by Thelyn Ennor

A normal day, just like any other. Your precious freight is locked away safely in your convoys cargo holds and in a few short hours you will arrive at the trading station orbiting that unlucky planet. For weeks now local authorities have been waiting for this delivery – medical and building supplies are in high demand since this big earthquake took place. As a loyal UEE-Citizen it is your duty and calling to help those in need – and of course making a nice profit while doing so.

…but did you invest in your security?!

See all of our Thelyn Ennor divisions in action!
We at Thelyn Ennor provide "Professional Security Solutions", tailored to your needs. Our Marines are capable of protecting your valuable assets while loading/unloading your freight, provide personal protection and our Navy offers a wide range of escort protection packages from single Wings to massive Carrier Strike Groups to make sure we meet your individual needs.

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Thelyn Ennor – Multigaming since 2005
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