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SaR | Machinima Short

Stranded on deep space Lt Travis Moore is on a collision course with Vega, the systems star, and begins to remember the events that left him stranded.

Some BTS notes, spoilers ahead:

This is a project made over the course of several months, interrupted by RL obligations and the transition from using After Effects and other dedicated animation software to using CryEngine as the rendering and animation engine (for ships). Although it changed during production the core of the project always remained the same. A remaster of the opening for the classic shooter game Descent 3 in a Star Citizen setting.

Moving forward all work will be rendered using CryEngine for Star Citizen content though elements such as character animation and other UI or post production elements will be created using Maya or After Effects! The flashback sequence marks the first major use of CryEngine with the hangar being one of the first scenes built after other ideas fell through.



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