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1/64 Vanduul Glaive Laser Craft Model

For almost a year now I’ve been trying my hand at building what I call "Laser Craft" models. It’s my own blend of laser cut 1/8" birch plywood and 3D printed PLA. My goal was to design and build models which could be larger in size, but take no longer than an evening or two to manufacture and assemble. From my first ship, Origin M50, all the day up to the Glaive it has been a journey… one I hope to continue til the SC releases.

All of the design files for my ships are 100% free to download and build. While I’m actively working on making a central location to host the files, you can find links for the ships in the meantime on the RSI forums. Just search for RiceMaiden.

Link to Glaive files:


Model #19 in my collection is a 1/64 scale Vanduul Glaive. It's possibly my largest model to date. (Cross section)

This ship was both interesting and tricky to design. A large portion of the rear bodywork is a skeleton frame. Thankfully the ships actual design is more or less build-able with a few tweaks.

My biggest headache was the cockpit. Most of the time I rebuild the parts of the ship I 3D print in my own CAD software. Since the complex shape of the cockpit was outside my skill set, I had to convert over the in-game model geometry. That took several hours of stitching and repairs to be printable as you see it.

You can see that the Glaive's wings are thicker than they look, even in-game.

I try to hit all the major details, even on the bottom.

I may in the near future build a Scythe as well. The designs are extremely similar and would make a nice addition to the collection.

More skeleton frame, Glaive engine goodness.

It was a nice evening so I got all 19 models out for a photo op. While I've built 19 unique ships, I've built almost 40 models. This includes 1 birthday present, 3 to friend who is painting them, 10+ giveaways, and the 2017 BritizenCon Dogfighting Championship Trophy. Most of my models are 1/64th scale. The notable exceptions are the Anvil Carrack (1/256th), Drake Dragonfly (1/23rd) and Xi'an Nox (1/23rd).

All of my models start with a CIG model of some form. I use it like tracing paper so that I get dimensions right.

I typically design from whatever end I like most first. It's a bunch of iterations of design and adjust during the modelling phase.

When the design is all done, I usually throw it into the render engine and get a beauty shot. Love how this one came out.

Once I get everything cut and printed out, it's time to build!

Gotta start simple, right?

Building the model this weekend carried over into a well fought game of Clank!

My PC desk has become my build base for all things model related. I will typically glue a couple pieces, spin the CAD model, glue more pieces.... it's pretty exciting stuff :D

Sometimes you have to get creative with how you let the pieces dry.

On the Glaive, the wings came last.

After a couple hours of drying, the model is complete! I hope you enjoyed a look into my Glaive model. With my next ship being my 20th unique model, I hope to make it special!



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