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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 years ago
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Multitool Star Citizen 3D printed

Multitool Star Citizen 3D printed

When i first stumbled up on Star Citizen years ago i saw a picture of the Multitool.

The look of it intrigued me and i loved it.
Since i started with 3D printing and CAD a few months ago i could finally make my own models, replicas and what else than this Multitool from Star Citizen.

To be able to 3D print it i needed to make this model first 3 Dimensional and for that i used the few pictures i found of the tool in the web.

I’ve learned a lot about CAD and creating 3D models. Making an object 3D or additional 3D printable are two very different paths.
I was done with the 3D Model of the Multitool in around 10-12 hours but then printing it just like this is not possible or better said very complicated and nerve wrecking.
So i split up the model and printed 2 and a half models just as tests.
Depending on the Quality and my own requirements i did a lot of refinements on the 3D model, printed it, change something, printed it, refined it, printed again etc.

My initial idea was to print the model in one piece and then give it colours and a surface finish with an airbrush.
But as mentioned printing this thing all at once is almost impossible and i personally don’t like airbrushing and all that kind of stuff.

To avoid this work step i separated the Multitool into 90 separate pieces.
The changes and refinements took around 90 hours only for the 3D model in Fusion 360.
To help being precise assembling the Tool i built in extra connections and connectors aswell.

One of my characteristics is to bring as much detail in my work as possible.
As you might realise i did some tiny changes to the original model such as my Logo on both sides of the Tool. Furthermore i never found a picture of the right side of the tool so i’ve let my imagination design the so called Cooler.
The final models contains around 100 Parts including not printed ones.

The whole project took me around 430 hours and probably a few more hours.

On the side i created my own handgun called SHOCKWAVE as seen on some pictures. (Printed model not finished)
I could imagine this being a gun in the verse maybe ? :D

I can’t wait to use the Multitool in game and see how it works ;)

I uploaded a video of the assembling.




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