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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 years ago
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Carrack built in MC with interior.

‘‘hover over pictures to read description’‘
A while ago i was wishing i could see the Carrack in the Hangar and have a walk around it but as we all know the carrack is far from being Hangar ready atm.
I was also very curious about how the interior looks like and i decided to make a Carrack myself in Minecraft with interior.
There are some existing pictures of the interior such as the bridge so the bridge is the only interior that is accurate.
I’m not the biggest fan of Minecraft but i could build it myself so why not.
Yes i know i could have done that in Space Engineers as well but at this time i was not in my home country and only had very small laptop with me.

The Size should be 1/1 obviously not 100% true but i used the size of the characters in game as normal size of a human so we can assume its 1/1.
I also built a Constellation, anyone interested to see it ?
Enjoy xD

Alcatraz Skywalker
UIR – Council


Cockpit view

Cockpit view behind the fron seat lower deck

view from the side of the cockpit into the inner ship with a commander chair

On the commander chair viewing forward

Top deck in the cockpit with a holo-table on the right and another terminal with a seat in the front

View into the ship from the front of the cockpit

Standing on the ground

Canteen right on the back of the cockpit with entrance to cockpit

Fly mode

Hangar with my own designed pisces. I just designed a small ship which i can even enter in game but also fits into the hangar

Hangar different view

Hangar different view with as seen at the back a storage wall for various things you might have found in your exploration missions. Serves as Archive or similar.

Top view, Hangar landing pad

Landing gear at the back extended

The stairs down into the vehicle hangar

top view


Vehicle Hangar open door.

Sleeping quarters located in the middle of the ship upper deck.


This is a communication center room you enter through the door (visible in the middle of the picture.) on the landing pad, accessible from the outside with an airlock in between or from the middle of the ship with a stair.

that was in the earlier stages of the development. We see here an unattached container.

Landing pad view. behind us is the door to the communication center room

Ursa Rover, all inclusive ;D

behind the detachable containers



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