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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-07-30 20:20:28
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360° Photospheres / screenshots [full gallery in description]

Hey all,

I was experimenting a bit with making panoramas and other unconventional screenshots, and managed to create decent looking equirectangular panorama’s, which can be used to display photospheres (kinda like street view). In the link below you can find a set of some of my first attempts that turned out alright. In the description of the images on flickr you can find an interactive "360" view.


View a custom gallery of all the 360 shots here:
(props to @pegasos for making this gallery for me!!)

Maybe an idea for the future is to have the RSI Starmap allow people to put ‘streetview’ images into the maps of space stations, planet surfaces, etc. Then we can have a real ‘streetview’ of Star Citizen! Thoughts?

Thanks for checking out my work!





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