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Submitted 4 years ago
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The 1st Japan Bar Citizen!

On July 27, 2017 took place the 1st Bar Citizen in Japan! Even if we were few, we passed a very good time in an American restaurant at Ueno in Tokyo, talking during hours about Star Citizen and Squadron 42, our ships, our jobs we wish to do, the future of the game including (of course) the upcoming 3.0!

It was a great moment personally for me, as a french Star Citizen community member, to meet fans on the other side of the globe! I know that they are many SC fans around the world, but physically meeting them and talking face to face about our common passion while we are normally separated by more than 10 000km was something!

I would like to specially thank the Star Citizen in Japan Zephram-Cochrane who planned this first Japan Bar Citizen!

We’ll organise a second Bar Citizen in Tokyo around GamesCom dates! (24th-25th August) Others like at Osaka; and on a US military base in Japan are also on discussion. Japanese Citizens, for more information and if you wish to participate/help for organisation, you can consult our dedicated Discord Server:



この日本史上初のバー・シチズンを企画してくれた Zephram-Cochrane に特別に感謝したいと思います!



photo by Zephram-Cochrane, with Zephram-Cochrane, Vyshir, odysseus1992, Fukusei and Blccdwolf

photo by odysseus1992, with Uryn, Agnostik, Blccdwolf, Vyshir, odysseus1992 and Fukusei



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