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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 years ago
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CNC Engraved Crucible

While showing off some test engravings on Twitch, Rolokipp said " it would be cool if you could do a Crucible!" Challenge accepted my friend!

The machine: unknown piece of equipment containing ball screws and linear rails and other stuff at local scrap yard.

The electronics: Arduino Uno R3, with the CNC shield v3 and A4988 Stepper drivers. The stepper motors are 3 nema 23 steppers from and old Xerox machine.

The software: The Arduino is running GRBL .08 firmware. the Gcode is sent using Universal Gcode sender. the Gcode was generated by Artcam using a gray scale image of the Crucible.

The process: working on 1/4" ply wood. i first used a 3mm ( 1/8" ) router bit to take away most of the material and to do the rough passes. i then changed to a V bit for the detail work and clean up.

I hope you all enjoy this. If and old, hick, carpenter from Oregon can do this. im sure you can too. lets get to making stuff!!



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