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[Fan Music] - Getting To Know The Crew - [Orchestral]

———————-Quote of the week———————-

"The roughest hull, toughest weapons and engines tuned to perfection will get you far… That is, if yer’ on good terms with the crew!" ~Sgt. Rory Mcgill, fighter pilot, Polaris corvette.

———————-General Info———————-

Hello there aspiring space guys & gals! :D
This week we’re right back at you with some more fan-music.

Today we take a bit of inspiration from Squadron 42, namely the Morrow tour.
I got to daydreaming what it could potentially sound like to hop onboard a ship for the first time as "the new guy" and meeting up with everybody.
The song is a gentle mix between playfulness, military melancholy, uncertainty and hopefullness, generally focused on the beauty of some particular instruments together with a satisfying chord progression.

Enjoy! ;)



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