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BarCitizenDFW Presents SC at 'Let's Play' Gaming Expo 2017

So the DFW BarCitizen team had a great opportunity recently to get in on the 3rd year of the Let’s Play Gaming Expo here in Los Colinas, Irving Texas. (Dallas/Fortworth area) :)

We set up a grand total of 4 SC gaming rigs, along with a media station pushing all the amazing community and CIG content showcasing the finest of the ‘verse and it’s development on a couple of big screens.

Volunteers came from as far away as Houston to help out with introducing the constant flow of people to the game. From talking about the details, to parking them in a chair and giving them a true introduction to the game on the variety of setups we had posted. Dual sticks, Controllers, HOTAS, you name it..we tried to give a well rounded set of choices to try.

Old backers who had been away from the game also got a bit of candy to tempt them back to the table, and show off the progress that had been made. And many a new backer we hope was won to the ranks of one of us …one of of us! :D

We even had the chance to build some local hype for the awesome ‘VerseCon crew out in Austin, who will be having a FULL fan convention in October, in parallel with CIG’s CitizenCon (should you want to come to something a bit more local than Germany :P …just sayin)

Truly a really fun experience

Most of all, I’d like to give a big thanks to our Volunteers!

And of course, my fellow coordinators
Zunthras & ButeoHunter

This was most definitely a team effort, and took a lot of work both in arrangements, setting up, running the booth, and tear down. We just couldn’t have done it without our volunteer support and lots of collaboration and effort.

As always, I think we’re all excited about the future.. for the game, and for the amazing community we’ve gotten to be a part of.

Traz ‘Dicefailure’ Ion -out!


Hotas Keybind cheat sheets, barcitizen bookmarks, versecon flyers

3x8 BarCitizenDFW banner + 3 28" square banners sporting SC, SQ42, and BarCitDFW Logos.

Day1 Breakfast 6am Pregame

The pilots of tomorrow :)

MechTechnal giving the rigs a good test run

Zunthras getting things configured

Some goofy guy

Traz & Buteo guarding a full booth... pretty much, always full.

Day 1 Volunteer Team (Z was there for the morning, but work is ..well.. it is)

Over the shoulder look at the big rig.

First time playing, rocking out with dual sticks, pedals and TrackIR...

Day1 crew, rolling out for some much needed recovery.

Day2 Pre-Show open.

Das big banner, das big screen.

More set up shots before people flooded in.

Check out those steel cut insignias on stands even.. the work of our Houston Volunteer.

crowd facing 2nd monitor, mirroring the game play on Zunthra's rig

A look at where the traffic would flow through.

our outward facing media corner, showcasing all the CIG made and community made awesome sauce.

Another angle.

One proud booth coordinator

Full house.

Training up the emperors next ace

Even storm troopers are welcome.

So many peoples.

whew.. I have no voice.. it's gone.. for days after. lol.

Adventures in spaaaace

VerseCon's live stream, pulled up and ready.



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