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What content you can expect once 3.0 is released.

I am really sorry about all the backround crap in this video. I tried 3 times to record this video. Frist two times it was my dog going crazy, and this time. No matter how many times I told my daughter daddy needs to record, she didn’t listen. And she is special needs. And then my bird wanted a shoutout for his bird channel. I would have recorded this, this morning. However I had to unexpectly go to the store. So regardless. My daughter goes back to school next week. Things will get easier.

I live stream from Thursday to Saturday 6 pm to 9 pm central time. I stream on twitch come follow me!

My big goal is to build community and I feel discord is a amazing way to do that. It’s open to all and you’re welcome to join it.

I run my own star citizen org. I am a freelancing org. We are open to all play styles. We are very casual, based around having fun. We base in the nexus system. Open to all, just put in a app.

If your new to star citizen make sure to check out the website, and use my referral code STAR-F474-PLPK

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