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Submitted 4 years ago
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Behring HP21l 3D Printed by Alcatraz Skywalker

3D printed Behring HP21l by Alcatraz Skywalker

After the Multitool i wanted to make the Burst Cannon HP21l from Star Citizen.
The Weapon isn’t in development anymore but i loved the design of it and i had already a few ideas of how to make it work / shoot.
Only after a few hours into the project CIG directly told me the weapon isn’t part of the game anymore but i just had to make it.

I hope you like it.
I have learned a lot again with that new project !
The Model is around 3kg heavy.
It shoots with an Airsoft BB Grenade charged with gas.
The mechanism is invented / figured out by myself and i was surprised that it worked at the first try.

Stay tuned for the next project. (2 projects)
One is already done in Fusion 360 and it will hit the printer next.
And the other one you can spot in the video as well. It’s smaller than you might think so look closely, it isn’t done yet and only a prototype.

Here is a video of it shooting and a quick look into the 3D model.

Enjoy !

Alcatraz Skywalker
United Interstellar Republic – Council



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