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Submitted 2017-08-31 16:10:45
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Astora Wide News - Magazine issue 3

The third edition of Astora Protocol’s lore based magazine. A magazine on all development regarding Astora Protocol and their rise. Intersected with informational reads on ships, dangerous engagements, interviews with well known Astorians and maybe some saucy gossip.
This issue is HUGE, narrating on the UAF, dangerous asteroids at Yela, all the new ships, a special on Stealth, a story on a sinister threat to our way of life, a pilot 101 to success and the soon to be released travel restrictions to the Moons surrounding Crusader.
U can read it online here:

First edition:
Second edition:



Who are the UAF and why was Yela impacted by asteroids?

A ship special seeing so many ships were introduced as of late. Starting with the Nox by Aopoa.

The Cutlass, a revamped bad boy!

The Eclipse, if u see it, you'll be dead and what is Stealth exactly.

The 600i, the surprise that caught us off guard.

Tumbril Cyclone, wanna race for it?

Banu Defender is there to make u feel safe.

Flight school 101 by no nonsense General Arden.

A recently discovered plot to send us back to the dark ages.

UEE lifts travel restrictions to Yela, Cellin, Daymar's surface and Delamar opens Customs soon.

Colophon, because people worked hard on this issue. For the love of SC!



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