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Submitted 2017-09-17 12:11:57
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UEE Tactical Communications Interface

When UEE Commanders need to strategize and make the tactical plans they put their hands on U-TEC 1.0, the Tactical Communications holographic Interface. By the authority of UEE High Command the military software is given into the hands of our citizens due to the rising Vanduul threat with immediate effect from this day, September 17th, 2947.

UEE Tactical Communications Interface is a tool and fan project for tactical planning in Star Citizen.

U-TEC 1.0.Final contains following features and content:

> 34 ships (15 small, 10 medium, 9 large)
> Selection of 1 to 10 ships of each type
> Tactical Plan in URL – quickly share the URL with your friends
> 3D Ship positioning, rotation and zoom (move around the scene with virtual joystick)
> Ship info – role, max crew, and cargo capacity
> Ally and Enemy switch
> Crew Management – choose who is the pilot and crewmen
> Multiuser support = simultaneous changes are visible for all viewers
> Save the tactical plan as an PNG image
> Optional Lock / Unlock with password – recommended when you share the tactical plan publicly
> Multiselection
> Fullscreen

From the beginning I put high emphasis on User Experience, Intuitiveness and Performance.

Why I decided to make such tool? This is an amazing opportunity to learn some new technologies which I used for the first time – Angular 4, Typescript, ThreeJS, Shaders and GLTF 3D Models. In addition, it distracts me from waiting for 3.0; the more 3.0 is delayed the more features I can bring to U-TEC. :D


// 15 October, 2017

> 4 new ships (38 in total) – Freelancer, Terrapin, 325a, 600i
> Ship route animation
> Improved camera controls
> Extended the scene
> Mobile and Tablet support for viewing
> Improved experience of ship controls
> Added keyboard shortcuts
> 4 Backgrounds to choose from = Starfarer and Freelancer cockpits, Galaxy stars, and solid Dark screen
> Squadrons of small ships (1 to 8 ship squadron in automatic formation)
> New grid with custom mipmapping

// 21 September, 2017
First of all, thank you all for your support of the project. I am really grateful for all the appreciation and enthusiasm you put in Star Citizen. I strongly believe that through the Star Citizen community, bringing all the talented people together, and through the projects such as U-TEC we can help and accelerate the development of Star Citizen.

I know the U-TEC project is not perfect, it’s missing a lot of things which we would love to include, the controls are sometimes clumsy but we need to take small steps before we can get to our vision of Star Citizen universe as a whole. By experimenting and trying new things we can get there sooner than if we did it behind the closed doors.

Which leads me to few initiatives which I would like to start:

1) UEE Tactical Communications Interface is an Open Source project and your contribution as developers is more than welcome through Pull Requests in Github however I encourage you to discuss it with me first so that we wouldn’t waste the time (@Aivii in Star Citizen Spectrum):

2) I received so many brilliant ideas from you guys that I start thinking we need a single place where we will cultivate the ideas into designs. That place is in a board of InVision Don’t hesitate to request the access to add all the ideas and designs describing how the vision of the best tactical tool should look like and operate.

3) To follow the project’s progress, keep an eye on Trello board

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in." Napoléon Bonaparte


Vanduul and Pirate Attack



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