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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 years ago
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Gorgon's Gallery

A collection of shots I’ve taken since pledging last year. "Scenic Route" is my favorite and figured I might as well share it and a few of my better looking ones. No editting, just straight PrtScn with a bit of Director Mode controls.

Cheers and Praise The Hippo


Scenic Route

"This is fine."

Bang bang.

Buccaneer 1: Pale Planetoid

Buccaneer 2: Overwatch Duty

Buccaneer 3: Dark Side

Buccaneer 4: Counter-Attack

Buccaneer 5: Just Passing Through

Buccaneer 6: The Adventure Continues

A Gold Clipped Folder (Shout out to Vector!)

Target Aquired

Recon Assembly

Pale Red Dot

Buccaneer 7: A Merc's Job is Never Done



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