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Submitted 4 years ago
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Gemini R97 3D Printed by Alcatraz

Gemini R97

Parts: 82
Printing Time: Estimated: 300h
Sketches made for the 3D model: 165

3D Printed Gemini R97
The 3D model in CAD is built entirely from Scratch just using a picture as reference.
You can take out the magazine by pushing a button on the side of the weapon.
The front part lowers and lets you take it out quite easily.
The golden accents aren’t existing on the original R97, though i think it gives a bit a more interesting look instead of just black.
Maybe in future there will maybe even be a golden skin for the R97. ;D

The design was quite a challenge for me because it doesn’t have clear geometric lines, more curved, more natural, sexy.
Im only into 3D printing and designing with 3D software for now 3months.
CAD, 3D printing and assembling are time consuming
I do not have the time for polishing the parts after they are printed, i can’t take more time for painting or similar things due to my real life beside 3D printing xD
So it is how it is. :D

I hope you like it ;)

Alcatraz Skywalker
United Interstellar Republic
- Council-

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