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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 years ago
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Origin X1: Hammerhead (mod)

With water-worlds in the Star Citizen future, I thought it would be interesting if some vehicles were marketed for those environments.


The X1 Hammerhead is a specialized modification of the X1 Force hull with a full-spectrum EM Scanning and Terrain Mapping suite in place of a weapons hardpoint.

While fully capable of work and play on Land, Sea, and in Space, the X1 Hammerhead’s Grav-lev harmonics have been specifically optimized to enable greater speed and tighter turns over water than its X1 siblings.
The scanning equipment built into the forward canards includes a suite of IR, UV, and RF sensors as well as side-scan Radar arrays** for terrain mapping above and below the ocean surface.

Whether you’re cataloging sea life on Green, hunting for oil under the oceans of Ergo, or island-hopping on Tangaroa, the X1 Hammerhead is the fastest, most maneuverable craft on the sea to handle it all.

If water is your life, contact your local Origin sales representative today for a demonstration of the X1 Hammerhead and compare it against the competition in our on-site Sim Pods.
**Warning: Extended use of side-scan radar has been known to attract some species of hostile eel on Green. Check with the Ellis III Office of Marine Safety for local frequencies to avoid.



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