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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 years ago
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Traverse the 'Verse

Hello SC Community!
Early on in the development of Star Citizen there was a lot of chatter about wanting an SC experience away from the computer. In November of 2015 I embarked on an adventure that would challenge my skill sets and creativity. This challenge came in the form of a tabletop game themed around Star Citizen I would end up naming "Traverse the ‘Verse". Everyday for a year I streamed Star Citizen, including no less than 2-4 hrs of development work for the project. I regularly took input from the viewership, and even used members of the community on some of the game pieces. 2016 saw the birth of my 3rd child, Babyhawk, so work on the project has slowed in the last year so I could focus on family. Things are now ever-changing, but I strive to find time to come back to my streaming, and to this project. A special thanks to Ungineer3D for his help with the 3D ship assets and their re-texturing. His talent brought to life the most important of all the cards, our starships!

Game Overview
The goal in Traverse the ‘Verse play sessions is to explore new regions of space while expanding your fleet by collecting resources which translate into victory points. Whoever accrues the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

Ships, as an entity, have two cards in TtV: a Ship Spec Card (character sheet) and a Ship Movement Card (the moving piece). Vitals statistics for every ship include Cost, Hull Points, Maneuverability, Weapons, Cargo Hold, Computer Core, Ordinance, Crew, Shields, and Special Rules.

Once the table is set up the game runs in a cycle known as the Game Round. Every player gets one active turn within a round. Under certain circumstances other players can act in a limited capacity during the Active Player’s turn. The player turn is broken down into 3 distinct phases; Upkeep, Action, and End.

In the Upkeep phase a player renews the "hand" of maneuvering cards for each ship in their fleet that will act this turn. Any effects in play from a previous round are resolved now.
In the Action phase every ship can take any combination of 2 actions. These actions include movement, exploration, combat, trading, repair and much more.
In the End phase the player can take any final actions to deal with an active game effect.

The game is in a basic, but solid, state, and I look forward to adding more as-yet unfinished mechanics and game pieces to the collection. For now, enjoy!

This is a fan-designed product. Design used with permission of RSI.



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